5-Fold Differential Cross Section

for unpolarized target and without recoil polarization 

The following notation of the coincidence cross section will be used in our calculations. Further details can be found in D. Drechsel and L. Tiator, J. Phys. G 18 (1992) 449-497. (scanned version)
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On this page the complete 5-fold differential cross section and in addition the individual 2-fold cross sections dsT, dsL, dsLT, dsTT and SLT' will be calculated using electron kinematics. For virtual photon kinematics see our alternative page.
Note: The longitudinal cross sections (dsL, dsLT and dsLT') differ from those in Drechsel and Tiator, J. Phys. G18 (1992) 449. Here we do not use the longitudinal polarization epsilon_L!! 

Channel: Channel: h h
Model input (on and off): Born  r (770) w(783)
Resonances:  S11(1535)  S11(1650)  P11(1710) P13(1720)
D13(1520)  D13(1700)  D15(1675) F15(1680)

Choose kinematical variables for polarization definition
Enter values for electron beam energy Ei, scattered electron energy Ef,
electron scattering angle Qel and electron polarization hel:
Ei (MeV)
Ef (MeV)
Qel (deg) 

Choose kinematical variables

choose an independent (running) variable: QF

choose values for Q, F, step size and maximum value:
 Q (deg)
F (deg) 
upper value

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