Response Functions with Target and Recoil Polarization

36 response functions, for definition see e.g.
D. Drechsel and L. Tiator, J. Phys. G 18 (1992) 449-497 or
G. Knoechlein, D. Drechsel, L. Tiator, Z. Phys. A 352 (1995) 327-343
(see further details on response functions)

Note!  The target polarization is fixed to the {x,y,z} frame in the reaction plane,
the recoil polarization frame can be chosen
(see further details on coordinate frames)

Channel: h h
Choose groups of response functions: R_T R_L R_LT R_TT R_LT' R_TT'

Model input (on and off): Born  r (770) w(783)
Resonances:  S11(1535)  S11(1650)  P11(1710) P13(1720)
D13(1520)  D13(1700)  D15(1675) F15(1680)

Choose coordinate frame for recoil polarization:
(Px,Py,Pz)  (Px',Py',Pz')  (Pt,Pn,Pl) 
Choose kinematical variables

choose an independent (running) variable: Q² Qh

choose values for Q², W, Qh, step size and maximum value:
Q² (GeV/c)²
W (MeV)
Qh (deg)
upper value

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