Target Polarization

P1, P2, P3 (in the scattering plane, P3 along the photon : default)
Px, Py, Pz (in the reaction plane, Pz along the photon) 
Px', Py', Pz' (in the reaction plane, Pz' along the pion) 
Pt, Pn, Pl (in the reaction plane, Pl along the outgoing nucleon)
(see further details on coordinate frames)

Channel: Channel: h h
Model input (on and off): Born  r (770) w(783)
Resonances:  S11(1535)  S11(1650)  P11(1710) P13(1720)
D13(1520)  D13(1700)  D15(1675) F15(1680)

Choose coordinate frame for recoil polarization:
(P1,P2,P3)  (Px,Py,Pz)  (Px',Py',Pz')  (Pt,Pn,Pl) 
Choose polarization parameters for electron (h) and virtual photon (e):

Choose kinematical variables

choose an independent (running) variable: Q² F
choose values for Q², W, Q, F, step size and maximum value:
Q² (GeV/c)²
W (MeV)
Q (deg)
F (deg)
upper value

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