Total Cross Sections

T, L, LT, LT', TT'

The following notation of the coincidence cross section will be used in our calculations. Further details can be found in D. Drechsel and L. Tiator, J. Phys. G 18 (1992) 449-497. (scanned version)

Channel:   proton 
Model input (on and off):
Background: Born  r (770) w(783)
Resonances:  S11(1535)  S11(1650)  P11(1710) P13(1720)
D13(1520)  D13(1700)  D15(1675) F15(1680)

Vector meson exchange: r and w poles r and w Regge trajectories 
Choose kinematical variables:

choose values for W step size and maximum value:
W (MeV)
upper value

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