Cross Section and Polarization Observables

16 polarization observables, for definition and sign conventions see e.g.
L.S. Barker, A. Donnachie, J.K. Storrow, Nucl. Phys. B 95 (1975) 347

DSG, T, P, S, E, F, G, H, Cx', Cz', Ox', Oz', Tx', Tz', Lx', Lz'

Channel:  η p  η n  η' p  η' n 
Choose groups of observables:
DSG, T, P, S, E, F, G, H
Cx', Cz', Ox', Oz', Tx', Tz', Lx' 
Model input (on and off):
Background: Born  Regge 
Resonances:  S11(1535)  S11(1650)  S11(1895) P11(1440) P11(1710) P11(1880) P11(2100)
P13(1720) P13(1900) D13(1520)  D13(1700) D13(1875) D13(2120)
D15(1675) D15(2060) F15(1680) F15(1860) F15(2000)
F17(1990) G17(2190) G19(2250)

Choose kinematical variables:
choose an independent (running) variable:  Θη
choose values for W, Θη , step size and maximum value:
W (MeV)
Θη (deg)
upper value

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