MAID 2000

An effective Lagrangian Model for Kaon Photo- and Electroproduction on the Nucleon

T. Mart (University of Indonesia), C. Bennhold and H. Haberzettl (George Washington University), and L. Tiator

For kaon photoproduction:  F.X. Lee, T. Mart, C. Bennhold, H. Haberzettl, L.E. Wright, Nucl. Phys. A695 (2001) 237, or nucl-th/9907119
For the missing resonance D13(1900):  T. Mart, C. Bennhold, Phys. Rev. C61 (2000) 012201, or nucl-th/9906096
C. Bennhold et al., nucl-th/0008024
For kaon electroproduction:  C. Bennhold, H. Haberzettl, T. Mart, nucl-th/9909022


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